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December 26, 2008



One among many causes. I'd also add high fructose corn syrup in general, the personal computer, cars and air conditioning. I realize the latter may sound a bit fringe, but I think people used to sweat off a lot of winter/holiday pounds in the warm summer. If we live in constant climate control... I wonder how much sodas would cost if we eliminated federal corn subsidies.


That's what makes them taste sooooo good. I mean, that's terrible! I shouldn't drink them anymore!


Sugar doesn't kill people. Bad parents kill people.

We just gave our 2 year old daughter her first drink of soda (or pop, as we say up here). We wouldn't have except for the fact it was Julmust, a Swedish Christmas drink that takes me back to the old country (lived there two years) and, since it tastes like crap to the uninitiated, requires starting young.

Anyway, she was addicted instantly. We had to pull it out of her hands. Scary.

But Eric's right. You'd be lucky to get sugar in your soda these days.


I haven't really been drinking them for several years now, but when I stopped initially I dropped 10 pounds within a couple of months.

I can't believe parents will even let their kids near the stuff!


More bad news...


So apparently it also makes us dumber.


Sarah Palin - Join TEAM SARAH!

Preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIjhrRCB8HE

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