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December 23, 2008



Wow. The people at "Me Church" think it's all about them. They must not have read any Rick Warren.


If you like this one, you should check out www.thechurchyouknow.com. Fantastic.


Awesome... And I want a church where I can not only bring my coffee into the sanctu--sorry, 'auditorium' but I can BUY that coffee in the narth--I mean, 'lobby'!

Wait. I already go to that church apparently. We just unveiled plans for our new 'worship center' with one of those Java Jesus type deals built right in.

Now, once we convince the pastoral staff to go ahead and deliver the Saltines and grape juice directly into our mouths for us, at our seats, we shall be free. (Also those seats could be beanbags. With cup holders.)


Camilo - in defense of Rick Warren... He may be the most missionally / culturally engaged pastor of our time. If you look at the scope of his work and ministry beyond the "Purpose Driven Life" book, it is pretty astounding. I have indigestion over a lot of his ecclesiology, but can't criticize him for trying to be "salt and light." He puts us all to shame.


Brett, no worries. And I have no objection to Rick's large cultural footprint (e.g. the inaugural invocation), but I do with some of the content (i.e. his call for the assasination of a foreign leader - ignorant and unbiblical).


Man, that is so true it's scary!

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