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November 28, 2008



Amen. Spoken like a mature brother.


We are commanded to pray for rulers.

I also will pray that he makes his membership at a church a priority (maybe more important than his gym membership).


He may actually be paedo-baptist since attended a UCC church for 20 years. We pray for him every Sunday morning during worship.


Excellent point my friend. Ephesians 5:1-2 comes to mind!! I know that it is tough for my household to get over the "pro-choice" view but we are commanded to "live in love".

Mike Spreng

The UCC is an heretical church. Obama is heretical by historical standard. I would also question the validity of his baptism. Besides that he is indeed excommunicated from the Catholic Church by traditional church standard as well as the current bishopric. He is to be treated as a nonbeliever.


Does it matter?


Black Liberation Theology -- close enough for government work!

No, point taken. I suppose Hitler technically could have been a Christian too. I mean, he certainly wasn't Mormon.



That's not true. What do you do with the Hungarian Reformed Church or the other confessing UCC churches. Life is a little more complicated than that. BTW what should we care on who the RCC thinks is off...like most of us?

Joost Nixon

Yes, Obama is a Christian, which is why he should be disciplined. He has been a staunch advocate of abortion. Is this amoral?


Hey Joost. Good to see you here!

You might be right about that. However, the trouble is that "we" can't discipline him. His church will de facto not discipline him. We're caught at a time in the history of the church when hypothetical discipline doesn't resolve the issue...


I guess I don't really see the importance of this question. Many (if not all) presidents have declared some kind of "Christian-ish-type" faith. But I guess I'm failing to see how this will affect whether or not he will be a good president.

Mike Spreng


It is indeed heretical. The heretical churches - which are many - have received no discipline by the denomination.

Joost Nixon

Yes, it is a constant frustration that the church won't take responsibility. Meanwhile though, though we cannot formally discipline him, we certainly can remember to confess our nation's sins, and we can make a distinction that though Obama is objectively Christian, only in a similar sense that Ahab was also.

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