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December 16, 2007



I solute you, sir. Come by ronpaulforums.com and chat w/ us if you've not already. Cheers.

N. Pannbacker

I'm surprised, I must admit, to hear of someone going from support for Guiliani to support for Ron Paul. It's encouraging.


Brett, about time. My pet theory is that if you're FV then you're going to be attracted to Ron Paul. To a certain degree, anyway.


Did you vote for Pat Buchanan too?

Mike E

If you're pragmatic then you'd realize that a vote for Ron Paul is a wasted vote.


During most presidential elections, I just vote standard republican--and in the past, I have even been foolish enough to follow the "Christian Voters Guide" that some Evangelical group publishes. But this time around, I was seriously considering some of the democrats who are running. Democrats always seem to really care about social issues. BUT, thank you for posting this. I had never heard of Dr. Paul before, and after reading his stance on the issues, what I discovered is that Paul gives dignity back to the people through liberty. Most democrat candidates claim this, but they want big government to give people dignity. Ron Paul believes that all people a valid and important--and have dignity in and of themselves. Thanks for this, and Merry Christmas!

Mike Spreng

So you think that less tax is more important than drug use, abortion and the preservation of English language? And do you really think that one man is going to be able to make that change that you ask for? He's not going to be a king.

Mike E

Have you read books like The Looming Tower or Because They Hate. If so you should rethink this post. Are you really saying that you think he could beat Hillary and/or B. Hussein Obama? C'mon! I'll be checking your site for a retraction.

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