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October 07, 2006



I dont think missional is a label! Its more like the Blues Brothers tho, cus we all should realize and act like we are "on a mission from God"

more thoughts here:


Mike Spreng

I was just talkinng with my wife about this. If we take the "Evangelical" label we are bound for serious conflict and excommunication after people get to know us. If we take the "Reformed" lable, we won't even be able to get to know anyone. If we take any of the others we will be vomiting every Sunday afternoon.

I hear the Amish are taking applications!


I'm with you on lacking the hipness of the Emergents. I still can't figure out how they get Elvis Costello to show up at their conferences, er, conversations.



Hey Brett,
I agree with you on reformed but still think reformed catholic is the best label going right now. I prefer it to reformed evangelical.


I'd say it depends a lot on local context. After all, unless you've got an unusual vocation, God's called you primarily to be invovled with a particular people he's gathering in a particular place.

"Reformational catholic" (or something to that effect) might work in some locations (e.g., urban northeast where there's not much change of getting confused with the Roman Catholics), but perhaps not others (e.g., the Southern Bible belt).

In some places "evangelical" might have to part of the description just to get a fair hearing, even if you have to use the term knowing all the difficulties and liabilities it brings with it.

And so on.

Of course, perhaps the best thing to do is to resist the contemporary penchant for labeling and stick with thicker descriptions that actually communicate content rather than mask or subvert it. That refusal to accept easy labels can itself be an identifying feature.

Mark Traphagen

Yes, but the real question is are you pre- or post-lactarian?


Grace Farmer

How about being identified as a son of God?

Justin D

I don't like the word, but your definition of "liberal" perfectly captures where I am.


What's up with always trying to say that the Mormon's "claim" to be Christian (or that they are not Christian at all)? Or should I call them the members of the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints. Interesting . . .

I recently had a franchisee who is Mormon uninvited to speak to a mother's group about family friendly events in the community because she wasn't "Christian" in their view. They actually asked her what religion she was and then uninvited her to speak. And this happened in Seattle of all places.

I realize your post wasn't necessarily about Mormon's - but let's try to quit propagating stereotypes at all -

Why the need for the big label? Why not just be you - Brett.


Hey Rachael,

Not sure I understand your question about Mormons. On the one hand, if this lady was simply speaking at a community event I don't see the reason for booting her. On the other hand, if it was a Christian event it would not be appropriate to have it led by someone in a cult.

As for labels in general, they are just part of the world we live in. We have names. Adam named the animals. Maybe in heaven I will just be, "Brett," but here I am so whacked-out doo-dad that you have to account for - categorize - file away.

Boneman - the frustrated post-Reformed, conservo-liberated Evangel, etc., etc., etc...



The problem with "Catholic" in your entry was that you capitalized it. When you do that, it's no wonder people infer papism in you! On the other hand, a lower case "c" (catholic) denotes the original meaning of the term (universal, I believe), which is as you desire. Just make sure you pronounce it that way to avoid confusion.

Cath - no wait, catholically yours, Camilo

Gregory Van Blair

For me I'm currently none of the above. Though in the past couple years the only phrase I keep coming back to is the "HCF", the "Historic Christian Faith", were we all should do our best to embrace the Historic Christian Fellowship of each other the Body of Christ. (this is not some ecumenical softy-jello manuever, but instead a vibrant-dynamic faith rooted in the historic church of Jesus Christ). God's Will be done!!!

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