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July 09, 2006



Dear brother,
Our visiting pastor today told us how William Carey preached on Psalm 46 the Sunday after a fire burned down his print shop and the book in which he had invested 20 years of Sanskrit translation. I pray that you will trust in the Lord to provide another opportunity to shepherd. I have greatly enjoyed your gifts and hope I have the opportunity to worship with you and sit under your teaching again in the very near future. May the Almighty bless all your labors for His eternal glory.


Brett, thanks for these lessons. They're things I'll need to know for the church plant here in Medford.

We prayed for you on Sunday. May the Lord continue to strengthen you and provide you new opportunities to serve Him.


I'm sorry to hear about this, Brett. You are in my prayers.

Just to add a thought about tentmaking: it makes more sense if you are single or at least childless.


Hi Brett,

I'm sorry we couldn't be there for the last worship service of Ancient Hope. We are praying for you and your flock, and we know that the Lord has greater things ahead for all of you.



Sorry to hear that Brett. Thanks for the wisdom on these issues. Please keep us informed.


Also, know that you and your family are in my prayers.

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