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November 03, 2008



I agree with all your criteria. However, why not Bob Barr? Wouldn't he fit your criteria too?


It all sounds good to me. McCain was not my first choice either, but like you I chose to use my vote as a vote against Obama.

Though no matter what happens... God is in control. (though you may need to remind me of that if Obama wins)



I spent the weekend soul-searching and praying about it.

I am casting a vote AGAINST Obama by voting for McCain.

Pretty much for all the reasons you mentioned above.

IF anyone's looking for more reasons, this website has a collected a lot of links to a lot of very disturbing information about Sen. Obama :



Great post, Boneman. I'm right there with you. I've been blogging up a tsunami over at the Wavelegth myself. (www.roguewavelength.blogspot.com)

I've never looked forward to a November showdown like I have this. I can't shake the feeling Ann Coulter may have it right -- that the huge percentage of undecideds still in play is due largely to people not wanting to sound racist even to pollsters. It doesn't easily compute any other way. I mean, this is the most polarized election yet. How could we have, in some polls, double digits worth of people who haven't backed a horse in this race by now??

Either way, it's gonna be exciting.

Just to be safe, I'm pulling our McCain-bumper-stickered car around back tomorrow. If Obie wan Kenyobi somehow goes down tomorrow, there will be riots and blood in the streets.


Boneman, point by point:

1. Yes, Obama is scarily messianic. But McCain only talks limited gov't (see: McCain-Feingold + $300B mortgage bailout).
2. Agreed. Obama is Chicago machine politics pond scum. Yes, I said that.
3. Palin is the only decent person among the 4.
4. Ugly, but one would have thought a Republican trifecta would not have resulted in this mess.
5. Agreed - but McCain has been there forever, and refused to do anything about abortion other than vote for conservative appointments to the USSC, which is a failed approach. Christians should punish Republicans for that alone if they really cared about abortion.
6. Agreed.
7. Maybe - but the wars are too expensive. McCain would continue throwing dollars down the drain here.
8. Doesn't matter - the emptier the suit, the easier it is for others to run the show.

Also, JourneytoFamily is right: God is in control. Do you really think a people that votes for a "messiah" who will fill their gas tanks and pay off their mortgages deserves anything other than what they ask for, good and hard? Should Obama win, he will be God's sanction against the U.S. for its lack of obedience to His word.

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