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November 04, 2008





Of course you're still postmil. You're the one who taught not to conflate the Kingdom with the USA.

Plus, if it's true that God is sanctioning the USA through Obama, then isn't that confirmation of His gracious dealing with the world He is rescuing? He could have just flooded it.

And consider: this Sunday your family and my family will both go to our churches, sing, feast at the Lord's table, and be consecrated to Him via His word preached boldly. There have been (and are) places where this was illegal. We're still blessed.

Only now, it may become more clear just where His blessings are as Obama's pro-homo/abortion agenda starts to grind away at the poor folks still stuck in the public schools and other government institutions.

Plus, Prop 8 won.


Right on. ...Though I seem to remember something about fleeing to the hills when you see the Obamanation that causes taxation standing in the Oval of Offices.

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