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October 07, 2008



Fun! I'd say blogging and pizza+beer are on my list of favorites too. But not blogging+beer, because that can never be good. ;)


Way to stop and smell the roses, Boneman. Toss in the smell of fresh-cut grass or movie popcorn, and I'm there.

Mike E

A nasty breaking ball that freezes a hitter
A little kid drawing a picture
Watching my cat patrol the backyard
Dozing off in front of the TV
Dwight Schrute
A spectacular glove save
A bonecrushing check
USC losing at anything
UCLA winning at anything
Michael Scott
An outfielder bringing a homerun back
Cheeseburgers and/or Cheese Pizza
Baseball Tonight
A used book store
My wife's cooking
Messin' with the Boneman


Mike E - glad you bit. I was thinking more people would, but...

Like your list. Say hey to the fam.



"... glad you bit. I was thinking more people would..."

Maybe your list was hard to top. Being the glass-half-empty kind of guy I am, here's a few of my least favorite things:

- mealy apples
- women-in-combat movies
- horsefly bites
- gum on hot asphalt
- Miley Cyrus
- burned-out light bulbs
- crotch injuries
- blurred newspaper ink
- Starbucks discontinuing blackberry syrup for green tea frappuccinos.
- People assuming you're gay for drinking green tea frappuccinos.

I could go on. But I'm gonna work on my happy list.


Splash - you crack me up, man. I would do my anti-happy list, but am afraid it would be too depressing... Work on your happy list.

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