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September 29, 2008


Andy Jones

As I am sure you agree, it is one thing to have a market with government rules (which is what we have) and another thing to have a government-ruled market (which is what some fear the bailout accomplishes).


I think some form of bailout will be passed. I sense that there was so much grass roots anger towards this bailout that politicians did not want to risk losing their legislative seats in the House in a few weeks at the polls. Once the election is over with, the politicians won't have to worry about any potential backlash, and something will get passed.


Andy - that is too simplistic. The bailout doesn't make us communists. It is just a function of the backstop role our government plays in our massive system.

Lisandro - I heard the calls coming into congressman were 100:1 against. No doubt that had a role. Something will pass this week, and I think it will help staunch the bleeding so we can get on with life and everyone can slowly retool.


Part of me says let it all come down. Probably the best for our national character in the long run. My portfolio, however, says something else. And it's using four-letter words. (Interestingly, one of my longer-term positions ended the day yesterday down...$666. The end is nigh!)

Personally, I'm more concerned with getting the word out on who really caused this mess:


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