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August 07, 2008



Congratulations man! You'll live a longer and healthier life.
Did you [or your better half] notice any difference in your food bill? Was the cost of fresh produce more than that of the junk food? I'm always trying to get patients to eat closer to the vine but they complain about the cost.


I'm glad your pig didn't follow this plan!


Hey Dr. Eric! I would say that I am eating smaller portions b/c I am less hungry. We have 4 growing boys so our budget hasn't been declining, but my share probably has.

Amazing how our appetites are driven so much by the kind of fuel we put in our mouths. I literally had no idea that was causing me to binge so often!


Well done my friend!! It is all about how your BSL's react to foods especially CHO's.

Garbage in = Garbage out

Jin Tang Liang

This explains much!!! that was pretty much my diet before I moved back to San Diego and before I got married. Ever since then, I've slowly, but steadily gained weight. I could never figure out why my appetite was so different than before. I'll take a look at those books.


TexanInCali - what is a BSL and what is a CHO??

Jin - I probably gained 10 lbs. after getting married. God speed, bro!

Jin Tang Liang

I listened to a chinese podcast the other day, and the topic was "will rice make me fat?" As you can imagine, the answer to this question could potentially impact Asian diets and culture.
The conclusion of the podcast ... "westerners are crazy!!!"

Bob Donaldson

From Jin ... "The conclusion of the podcast ... 'westerners are crazy!!!'"

The truth of the conclusion does not necessarily validate the argument.


BSL = Blood Sugar Levels
CHO = Carbohydrate

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