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July 05, 2008


Jin Tang Liang

Welcome to the club. I'm proud of you.
iChat is definitely really cool. I get to see the actual progression of my crazy brother's mohawk rather than hear him describe it over the phone.


Don't use the standard mac mail program. use the one that comes with office--entourage. I use that one, works just like outlook...but better.


Well Brett, I had heard that you were bright, but now I know for sure...congratulations!
It's pretty fun, huh? Have you played with the Photo Booth feature, with all of the special affects yet? The first night I had my new iMac I had my whole family in front of the computer taking pics with the "squeeze effect" etc, laughing so hard we were crying.
And how about Garage Band? Seems like you would love that.
Aside from all of that, working on a Mac as compared to "the other" is like night and day. "The other" being night of course.
Have fun!


Yeah - all the kids want to do is photo booth. It is almost a sickness now! Lots and LOTS of giggles on that one.

Yes, we have discovered Garage Band as well. Very fun. I want to get one of those USB keyboards so I can do some serious music!

The Mac is frighteningly superior. So much so that I just wonder how Microsoft product development can be so off the mark. Wow.



But Ubuntu is free.

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