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June 22, 2008



Beautiful! I don't think Colbert was buying, but how cool.

Brett Bonecutter

Yeah - I don't know...

Why have him on, you know? I'm going to post another link to him soon on the Jeremiah Wright controversy. He was basically saying that Roman Catholic political pundits (like himself) didn't leave the "Church" during the sex scandals - so they are hypocrites to tell Obama to leave his church.

Point is that Colbert strikes me as one of those "Protestant" Romanists who stay in the church, but critique it from within. In other words, he is a closet reformer...




Just think about the fact that there are no "TR" polemics reaching millions of viewers with this Christo-centric vision of heaven and earth. Not a one. They're busy hunting down people like Bishop Wright to condemn them for their heresies. But that's OK, in the Reformed world, everything's fine...


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