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May 14, 2008



For sure man. This is the same kind of thing the early church began, but somehow we've lost. They turned the socio-economic world of Roman dominated power on it's head--saying, "Jesus is Lord" instead of "Caesar is Lord". They were saying there is a God and Caesar isn't him.

In Acts 2--Christians made sure people's needs were met, they had food on their tables, all the bills were paid--Caesar wasn't doing that.

Also, wasn't Caesar known for taking over nations by the sword, i.e. if you don't swear loyalty to Caesar, the Romans would kill you, but if you do, you have to worship him and be one of his people...? But Jesus and the rest of the apostles were known for saying, "Peace be with you..."

It's amazing to think about --and also sad to see where our American Christianity has brought us.


My friend you have hit the proverbial nail on the head. I believe that the genesis of "reside formation" was when Roe v Wade. That is a whole other can of worms..........

Brett Bonecutter

TexanInCali - what is, "reside formation?"


"...our systems are fundamentally secular and separated from the Gospel and the word of God."

Just curious. Do you refer to the structure of American government from the get-go, the current state of affairs, or the philosophy (theology? lack thereof?) of the Founders that you're perhaps arguing gave us all of the above?

Also, email me at ghm02@yahoo.com so we can get caught up! I don't see an email link here, tho I'm probably just missing it.


pardon my typo....the genesis of the residue formation was the Roe v. Wade ruling.....

Brett Bonecutter

Oh - gotcha!

Brett Bonecutter

Hey Splash - I am referring to the whole enchilada, more or less. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are just some of the fruits of Christianity, but never and end to themselves. The whole American project is dominated by the god of self-fulfillment and I just wonder where that will end up in the generations to come...


Understood. And I agree.

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