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May 19, 2008



It's so hit and miss. Clearly smaller towns with decentralized school districts have an edge in terms of accountability to/healthy fear of parents. By all accounts our town (Ellensburg, Wash.) has a fairly conservative outlook.

We're definitely homeschooling or Christian schooling Gideon and Hannah the early years (a year away for Gideon), and I can't imagine rolling the dice for the tricky high school years, but who knows? CSU, Northridge and Fresno State were no threat to me after K-12 at Christian schools and home. Depends on the spiritual grounding of the kids, too.

It's basically Russian Roulette out there. (Until in due time I invade a small Third World nation, kick all the weirdies out and set up my own kingdom...to go with the aforementioned church I'm working on. You're invited of course, Brett. Provided you pass the blood test.)


What kind of mascot is that??? Clearly, they did not educate you properly!

Austin Bob

My advice? Just say no!

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