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May 10, 2008



Personally, I've always been a Bob Vance from Vance Refrigeration kind of guy myself. (Though like Andy Bernard, I've crashed my share of golf carts into sand traps and used the ole "chaffing nipples" excuse to get out of more than my fair share of corporate fun runs over the years.)

No, an excellent post. The depth of this show is due in large part to inner-Scott in all of us.

Glad to rediscover your whereabouts, Brett! (Graham Moes from your Valley Pres days, here.) I'll be stopping in more regularly in future. You can find my mad ramblings over at www.roguewavelength.blogspot.com, if'n you're interested.

Brett Bonecutter

Graham! Great to hear from ya! I was just at an old VPC'ers house looking at the last photo directory they did back in... maybe 1998. Saw your picture and wondered how you have been.

Glad to know you're still kicking around and love your blog. Will link to it soon.




We used to be Archie Bunker!

Brett Bonecutter

Are you really that old, Kent?



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