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April 03, 2008



I'm inspired to install a urinal in my bathroom. What's the number for Home Depot?


Now sing with me, "If I had a _____, I'd pisseth in the mor-or-ning, I'd pisseth in the evening, all over this land..."


Hey Boneman--I hope you don't have any German readers...they might be offended. Oh, them and all the women reading too.

Ray Fisher

Amen to Theisens reply, I have always wanted the same thing, you know I prefer those old school urinals that go all the way to the floor. That's beautiful! It's hilarious but so right on, I love the "urinals" at the older sporting even facilities that are more like a long narrow tub that every real man stands around, where are the real men today?


Well if I'd known this is what he was going to do with his M.Div., I never would have sold it to him.

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