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July 19, 2007



I don't know if I agree that Bridge was written specifically as an anti-Christian piece. I think it may truly have been the authors' (or perhaps the filmmakers') belief or question regarding faith.

I was drawn to your blog via your worship post.

I want to design t-shirts that say "Seeker Insensitive" on them. :)

Tongue partially in cheek on this one. Only partially...


Interesting to read your take on 'Terabithia.' (Here on the near one-year anniversary of this post.)

I haven't seen it, but this was produced by billionaire, conservative, Presbyterian Phil Anschutz's Walden Media ('Narnia', 'Amazing Grace,' 'I am David' and the in-development 'Screwtape Letters').

So I'm kinda surprised, given that Walden specializes in book-to-film productions -- though they're reportedly branching out now -- usually of a "faith-affirming" nature.

Then again, they somehow also produced the crappy, enviro-hippie "Hoot," too. And despite calls for him to do so, Anschutz has inexplicably so far refused to take the gloves off and fund any openly right-wing, patriotic, pro-military projects to counter all the 'Lions for Lambs' programming out there. So who knows what's really going on with them.


See it and let me know. I thought it was a total train wreck of a movie - especially targeted at kids!



Nah, I fully take your word for it. Apart from the credits I mentioned, most of Walden's titles are too maudlin for me to bother with. I'd probably give 'Spiderwick Chronicles' a spin before that anyway. (Seen that one yet?)

But while we're on the subject, I notice from our Facebook Flixter compatibility test, you're "not interested" in giving 'The Notebook' a chance? You've gotta give it a shot. Make it movie night in with the wife. Just bring a few hankies for the last few minutes of the film.


Hey Splash, for the kind of patriotic movie fiction you're looking for check out www.foxnews.com. They have lots of good stuff.


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