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January 17, 2007



I looked in the Greek and it seems to be possible to translate it as "in remembrance of me"? Do you really think all the translations have missed the "right" translation?

Where in the greek do you see the slip up?




Zerwick's has this interesting notation regarding "anamnesis" or "memorial": "in Palestinian usage 'anamnesis' is referred to God, with a view to his intervention (Joachim Jeremias)and the rendering would be: 'do this that God may remember me.'"

For more on this subject try Mark Horne's essay on the subject:


Steven W

I find that the bigger hurdle than proper translation is simply a familiarity with the Old Testament.

When I first came across "as my memorial," my reaction was not suspicion about linguistic innovation, but rather "Of course!"

"Memorial" is more consistent with the OT biblical theology, and thus I immediately took to it.



Yeah, I totally agree and I thought that Zerwick note dovetailed nicely with the idea of the Lord remembering and not us.

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