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June 12, 2006


Andrew Richardson

You hit the nail on the head.

So my question is: how in the world do we fix this mess?

I mean, dispensationalists/fundamentalists and reformed folk hate me because I'm a liberal (I don't believe that you are justified by the belief in justification by faith; and I think that if you affirm the Nicen Creed, you are a Christian). Liberals hate me because I'm a fundamentalist (I believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus, and that the bible is authoritative).

What do you do when you're an anglicathbyteriadox (aka nicene, aka Christian)?

Sorry for the rant.


I think you should paint your finger nails black, and go goth...

Ok, seriously. I don't know, brother. I ended up in the CREC.

Let me know when you answer that question.


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