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June 13, 2006



This recent Coulter interview is taken from the Moral Science Club:

The pleasantly clueless everyman Matt Lauer interviews Ann Coulter on June 6th

Lauer: "Referring to liberals again. 'To a liberal 2200 military deaths in the entire course of the war in Iraq is unconscionable but 1.3 million aborted babies in America every year is something to celebrate.'"
Coulter: "Yes."
Lauer: "You think people celebrate..."
Coulter: "They manifestly do. They are huge rallies for it. That is the one issue that's more important to the Democratic Party than any other. I mean Bill Clinton, the last..."
Lauer: "Do you think they celebrate the right to choose or, or the actual abortion?"
Coulter: "The last candidate the Democrats got into the White House was Bill Clinton. I, I take that as a fair assessment of whom the Democrats will choose as their representative. Bill Clinton sold out every single special interest group. The criminal rights group, the welfare bureaucrats. The one group he would not stand up to were the abortion ladies. Vetoing bans on partial birth, a gruesome procedure passed by overwhelming majorities in the House and Senate. Twice, Clinton vetoed that. That tells you what the Democratic Party thinks about abortion."

Love her or hate her, Coulter is absolutely right. Celebrating choice equals (or should I say "is morally equivalent to") celebrating the murder of innocent children.

Lauer: "Do you think they celebrate the right to choose or, or the actual abortion?"

Hello Matt, there is no difference between choice and the actual abortion.

matt redmond

yeah...I thought the same thing as I was reading through her new book for the first of many readings...and she has attended redeemer in manhattan per the cover story about her in Time magazine that was done about a year and a half ago.

she also has some great qoutes about how conservative Christians should not be afraid because their sins are forgiven and they are headed for paradise.

and all those who get squemish about Coulter should stay away from Luther...he can be rough

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