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March 12, 2006



Yeah, I've been thinking the same things. Intellectual, leftist deadbeats normally have few children and often, due to disruptions like divorce, end up producing spawn inferior (intellectually) to themselves. Christians on the other hand, will rule the land. Of course that may explain the almost pathological support of illegal immigration that the left advances.

I almost picked up this book at the Denver airport last time I was coming back from LA but alas, I needed to buy a beef-bowl instead.


There is another factor working here: there is a somewhat brutal postulate about population called the "Roe Effect", [http://www.opinionjournal.com/extra/?id=110006913] (put forth by James Taranto of OpinionJournal.com), which states that the higher abortion rate among liberals and Democrats permanently affects electoral outcomes years later. This is borne out first in demographics (as more conservative, Republican states experience higher population growth), and then directly at the ballot box as aborted liberal generations would have turned 18 - and then gotten married and raised their own children to be liberal Democrats. Again, brutal, but interesting.

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