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March 06, 2006



It's funny how things like that just happen to "spill out" of the mouth of Hollywood. Mer was watching something on E! the other night and it was talking about how that has been the goal of Hollywood all along...to get people to subversively accept or to just simply be apathetic to their pro-homosexual agenda.

Now, i'm not trying to be reactionary, but in my opinion, shouldn't we call a spade, a spade?

We recently found out that Chad Allen, openly gay activist, plays the role of Nate Saint in the movie "End of The Spear" about Jim Elliot and crew's story and martyrdom. World Magazine offers an explanation at http://www.worldmag.com/articles/11551 but I don't buy it. Maybe this is just the conspiracy buff in me, but I think this was planned. Hollywood has admitted these kinds of subversive tactics on several occassions (as you can see posted on your blog above). This might be just the thing to get Christians to be more "tolerant" of homosexuality in the mainstream culture.

I know this first-hand because this issue was brought up in our church's young mom's discipleship group, and the overwhelming sentiment was, "It's just a movie". Maybe it's not just a movie.

I agree with you that it is our job as Christians to reclaim the culture. John Mark Reynolds (PhD, Prof. at Biola University) asserts in his seminar, "Christianity and the Problem of Popular Culture" that the motion picture industry was actually started by Jewish men and funded by Christian contributors. What happened was that when liberal directors entered into the mainstream, the Fundamental Baptists took this as their cue to influence Christians to abandon their posts in culture and collapse into their own huddles.


Thanks, Russ. Good stuff.

When conservatives withdrew from culture by moving to the suburbs, we lost a lot of opportunities. We gave away ground and created a vacuum for others to step into. We have to get back in the battle, and get out of the Christian ghetto.

Interesting to me that a lot of Reformed amil types are as guilty of withdrawal as Baptists are... but for different reasons. Instead of creating a Christian ghetto, they retreat into a pietistic worldview that doesn't believe culture is redeemable. Our tradition is a major part of the problem too.

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